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Client Meal Contributions

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Meals on Wheels Greater Spokane County offers seniors warm meals delivered daily. This image contains a calendar of meals we are providing for the month of June.



A Nutritious and Hot Meal Delivered to Your Front Door

spokane senior mealsIf you are a Spokane senior over the age of 60 (residing in Spokane County), you may be eligible for home delivered meals. Home delivered meals are ideal for seniors who struggle with the ability to leave the home unassisted and are unable to prepare meals for themselves due to a lack of means, knowledge, or incentive to prepare a meal. Our meals provide a minimum of 33 and ⅓ percent of the dietary intakes established by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences.

Every meal a Spokane senior receives is made fresh in our local kitchen every morning and delivered by a dedicated group of volunteers who are thrilled to be a part of each senior’s day. More than a meal, the delivery experience serves as a safety and wellness check for each senior. In the event that no one answers the door, GSC Meals on Wheels staff will make contact with each client’s emergency contact to let them know.

Each meal comes with a suggested contribution of only $5 per meal, but every senior only pays what they can, even if nothing at all. No senior is turned away for an inability to pay and meal service will continue without interruption. Currently, there is no waitlist in Spokane County and we can typically begin service with 24 to 48 business hours of our initial contact.

If yourself or someone you know could benefit from Home Delivered Meals, contact us at 509-924-6976 or use the form here!

Rural Spokane Senior Meal Delivery

Please note that in some rural areas of the county, delivery of Spokane senior meals is facilitated by a once a week delivery of 7 frozen meals as opposed to daily hot deliveries due to a lack of volunteers in these areas. Each frozen meal consists of the same nutritious foods as our hot meals and comes with instructions for heating and preparation. We continue to work diligently to bring daily hot deliveries to more areas of the county as our volunteer capacity allows.

If you are interested in volunteering to deliver meals in support of this effort, please contact volunteers@gscmealsonwheels.org