Memorial, Tributes and More

Perfect Gifts and Grateful Tributes

You can donate to GSC Meals on Wheels in honor of a loved one, to celebrate a milestone or to remember the life of someone who has passed.

We can help you honor all sorts of special occasions:

  • Your special someone or Valentine
  • Birthday gift to the person who has everything
  • Weddings or anniversary
  • A friend who lost a loved one
  • Father’s Day and Mother’s Day

The recipient or next of kin will receive a card from GSC Meals on Wheels (with no donation amount listed) announcing your gift.

Note: Memorial gifts honor someone who has passed away and donations to GSC can be requested in lieu of flowers. Gifts made in honor of someone go directly to the person listed.

Always the right size and always a great way to help GSC Meals on Wheels continue to provide participants in our program the dignity and compassion they deserve.

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