Diner’s Choice Program

In order to bridge the nutritional gap caused by the closure of our 12 congregate sites, we’ve design a new program with our partners at Aging and Long Term Care of Eastern Washington.  It’s called the Diner’s Choice Program.  Diner’s Choice is first and foremost a senior nutrition program where qualified seniors, especially those in rural areas, receive seven vouchers and a list of restaurants who have signed up for the program.  A special menu has been designed by the restaurants for participants to order from.  Seniors place their order and submit a voucher when they pick up their order.  The cost of the meal is funded by GSC Meals on Wheels and ALTCEW.


Greater Spokane County Meals on Wheels serves individuals 60 years or older and is partially funded by Aging and Long Term Care of Eastern Washington through the Older American’s Act. By registering through your local congregate site, qualifying seniors 60 years or older can receive a packet of restaurant coupons twice a month.
Each coupon is valid for one ( Senior Special Meal at participating restaurants. Coupons will be available for pick up on the 1st and the 15th of each month. If those dates fall on the weekend, coupons will be available the Friday before. Please note, coupons are valid for the date range specified on the coupon.
Eligible meal options are listed on the menus included in the Diner’s Choice Program Restaurant Booklet. Participating restaurants ‘ program policies may vary. This pilot program is subject to policy changes and may be discontinued at any time. All Diner’s Choice Program registrations are started in presumptive eligibility (PE) status. While in PE, clients may receive a Welcome Packet and a set of coupons. Presumptive eligibility is contingent on the submission of (1) a completed Registration Form and (2) confirmation of participant’s eligibility by program staff. Benefits are subject to discontinuation if your Registration Form is not received by the GSC Meals on Wheels office two (2) business days prior to the next scheduled packet of coupons.
Our office is located at 12101 E. Sprague. Your form can also be collected by specified partner site managers for submission to GSC Meals on Wheels.


An added perk to the program is that we’ve been able to support local businesses who have been hit hard during the pandemic. Early reports from the restaurants are that they meeting and getting to know our participants and honored to be a part of our mission.  While we do not know how long the Diner’s Choice program will last or when group congregate locations can reopen, we are prepared to keep Diner’s Choice going in the interim. Priority for the program is to our rural clients but clients in Spokane and Spokane Valley are welcome to apply.  Please note that due to the popularity of the program, you may be placed on a waiting list.

To be considered for the Diner’s Choice Program, please fill out the form.

Silver Cafes

Prior to March, GSC Meals on Wheels operated 12 congregate sites throughout Spokane County called Silver Cafés. These sites offered not only meals but educational opportunities, games and socialization. On the advice of the Spokane Regional Health Department, all of our sites were forced to close two months ago. We’ve worked hard to reach out to the mobile seniors who were part of the Silver Cafés by signing them up for our home-bound delivery program. Along with new clients signing up due to the pandemic, we’ve had a 50% increase in the need for our services.
This need will continue, and increase, for a very long time. Regardless of the regulations applying to the businesses in Washington state, our participants need special care as the most vulnerable population. In order to protect them, none of our Silver Cafés will be opening anytime soon.

To be considered for the Diner’s Choice Program, please fill out the form.

Please fill out this form to be considered for the program. You will be contacted by a staff member as soon as possible. Please allow several business days due to popularity of the program.

Income level

Greater Spokane County Meals on Wheels is not responsible for dietary requirements or restrictions including food allergies. Each participant is responsible for monitoring their own requirements. Priority for this program is for our rural clients. If you are inside the metro area, you will be considered for the program but may be placed on a waiting list.

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